4 Dog Parks in Lacey, WA

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Who doesn’t love pets? The simple answer is that a lot of people love their animal friends. Studies show that over half of American households have pets, and that people spend a ton of money keeping them happy and healthy. These friendly creatures make us feel a little closer to the natural world and are the best friends many folks will ever have. Dogs in particular find homes in almost half of American houses.

While your dog might very well be your best friend, it needs you to care for it as well. One of the best things you can do for your dog is to take a trip with it to the nearest dog park, and let it be free of restraints for some time. Lacey has some excellent options for those who want to take their dogs out and enjoy nature, and here are four options that dog owners have to know about.

Hawks Prairie Dog Park, Lacey

Also known as the Thurston County Off-Leash Dog Park, this park is located near the Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center. Spanning an area of five acres, the Hawks Prairie Dog Park has various walking trails, a specific area for small dogs, drinking water, and fire hydrants. There are even areas for children to play, which makes this an experience for the whole family.

Panorama City Dog Park, Lacey

If you’re looking to take your dog somewhere private, check out the Panorama City dog park located near the Circle Loop Southeast. The park is designed for senior residents, and can be accessed only through an electronic key given to the members. This offers a good choice for the older people who would like to take their dogs out to somewhere quieter than the typical public dog parks.

Sunrise Park, Olympia

The Sunrise dog park came as a relief to those who had to travel a long way to find an off-leash park. A mere 15 minute drive from the city of Lacey, this park covers one acre, which offers plenty of space for dogs to run about. There aren’t many rules that you have to follow here, other than the ones commonly enforced in dog parks.

Fido’s Farm, Olympia

The last recommendation we have comes from the neighboring city of Olympia. Fido’s Farm is not an off-leash park, but it does have facilities that are enough to ensure a happy day out for you and your dog. The park has distinct areas for small dogs and puppies, and it also has water fountains, night lighting, play areas, and veterinary supervision. It also offers 24-hour care for your dog, as well as training lessons. Facilities like these make this 20 acre park an excellent option if walking your dog is not the only thing on your mind.


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