3 Most Reputable Daycares

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Are you in the Olympia area? Looking for the perfect daycare for your child? You probably have a million questions. When making such an important decision, it is crucial to have all the necessary information. Not to worry, we’ve got answers for you. Check out these three reputable daycares near Olympia, Washington:

Great Beginnings

This child development and daycare center is the perfect place for both you and your child. Great Beginnings knows that when choosing a daycare, it is not only important, but essential for both the parent and child to feel at home. Proud to create a positive, exciting, and safe learning environment, Great Beginnings provides a truly wonderful educational program. Meet the awesome teachers, get to know the staff, and understand the program before ever signing up. Along with the regular programs, such as sensory, dramatic play, and literacy, Great Beginnings promotes yoga, sign language, and meditation! Sounds like an A+ to me!

West Olympia Kindercare

Considered one of the best in the area, West Olympia Kindercare is sure to meet all of your wants and needs. First and foremost, they understand how difficult it may be to leave your child with someone else and want to make your child’s transition as easy and calm as possible. Putting you and your child at ease, is just the first of many reasons why Kindercare is perfect for you! Offering programs for all ages beginning at infants and going all the way to pre-kindergarten. Each one contributes something entirely different for your child’s growing experience. The director is extremely nice, and the teachers are always helpful and nurturing. Making sure your child has a fun, secure place to explore is their number one priority, and their passion for creating such an environment is truly amazing.

Serendipity Children’s Center

This relatively large center, is full of the most positive, and unbelievably friendly staff around! Inside you’ll find roughly three classrooms per age group, each one completed with awesome teachers, and eager to learn children. The facility is bright and welcoming, offering an abundance of educational experiences for children of all ages. Serendipity Children’s Center is proud of their unique style of teaching, and commitment to each child as an individual. Even more unique are the numerous classes offered for an extra charge. Sign your child up for various sports, ballet, swim lessons, and more! These additional enrichment opportunities will save you hassle of running around town! What are you waiting for!? Check out Serendipity now!

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