Nature Parks: The Scenic Side of Life

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It’s the perfect temperature out and all you want to do it soak up the great weather before winter comes creeping back. Get out of your stuffy home and into wilderness with the local parks in Lacey. With beautiful greenery, amazing scenic views, and tons of recreational activities, Lacey has it all. Whether you’re visiting Washington or you’re looking for a nature outing for the family, check out what Lacey has to offer!


I-5 Park

Get ready for some exercise with this park! This park has a three-mile paved bike trail, great for both jogging and cycling. The trail runs parallel to I-5, so it’s easily accessible. Spanning from Lacey State Capitol Campus to Olympia’s main campus, you can effortlessly commute between the two cities. Amenities include access to Civic Plaza, benches, trails, and Lacey’s City Hall parking lot.


Greg J. Cuoio Community Park

Looking for an undeveloped and natural state park? Greg J. Cuoio is right for you! Go hiking, running, or scenic sightseeing in this massive park. 405 acres is a large piece of land, so be careful not to venture too far off the beaten path! The land is completely undeveloped, so there are no amenities except nature.


Lake Lois Habitat Reserve

This park surrounding lake Lois is the best spot for some fishing and nature trails. Grab your pole and wade into the water; the fishing is great at this natural and quiet park! There is a quarter-mile trail that runs through the land with several benches and wildlife viewing. Drive over to the reserve if you want to enjoy nature and do some fishing.


Long Lake Park

You want to find the best beach getaway without actually going to the beach, right? Long Lake is the perfect beach away from ocean spot full of entertainment and fun! The awesome amenities include sand volleyball courts, a gorgeous beach and dock, trails as well as barbeque grills, picnic tables, and restrooms. Grab your swimsuit and your beach towels and dive into this beautiful lake.


McAllister Community Park

60-acres of undeveloped land open to the public, this scenic park is a great place to key in with the environment. Filled with native oak trees, this land is truly a sight to behold, not to mention a fun place to go hiking and running. There are two creeks that flow through the park, Little McAllister Creek and McAllister Creek, both of which have great fishing.

Meridan Campus Park North

This undeveloped park right next to the Hawks Prairie Golf Club is a great place to venture into if you want to change up your routine. The park is only five acres, so there is plenty of room to roam without getting lost in the greenery. Although it is undeveloped right now, there are plans in the works to convert and reconstruct the wooded area when the surrounding residential communities are built up.

Mullen Road Habitat Reserve

Trek across nature trails in this habitat reserve. You can check out the wildlife while getting an exercise in by traveling through this 74-acre park. Located next to the wetlands, there is no better spot to appreciate the wildlife. Enjoy your day with nature at this spectacular habitat reserve.

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