Olympia’s 3 Best Farmers Markets

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Nothing is better than homegrown fruits and vegetables which Olympia, Washington knows all about. The three Farmers Markets below are some of the best places to buy fresh fruit, taste homemade baked goods, and listen to some performances. Each product or performance at the Farmers Markets are all created by local people which helps engage the community. Supporting others is what helps a community thrive. These three markets definitely contribute to the success of their community.
1. The Olympia Farmers Market
Located on 700 N Capitol Way Olympia, Washington, The Olympia Farmers Market is the place to go to get unique food and much more. They are currently celebrating thirty years of service, and they are open April through October on Thursday through Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM. They have a multitude of food products including clams, oysters, bread, and organic fruits and vegetables. They also go outside the realm of edible products and sell flowers and fruit trees. The whole time you are there, you can listen to some live entertainment from locals in order to make you trip at the farmers market a little bit more enjoyable. Reach The Olympia Farmers Market at (360) 352 – 9096.
2. West Olympia Farmers Market
Within their fifth season of business, the West Olympia Farmers Market is located on 1919 Harrison Avenue NW in the West Central Park. Their products are sold every Tuesday from 4-7 PM starting in mid May and ending in mid October. They offer a variety of unique goods including goat milk soap, raw grub, superfood snacks, herbs, and homemade baked goods. They focus on having a vibrant local food economy in a small scale setting with many new up and coming vendors. Visit the West Olympia Farmers Market for rare goods that are made locally!
Located at the Tenino Elementary School on 301 Old Highway 99 North from June 6 to September 26, the Tenino Farmers Market offers products and special events! They are a seasonal open air market whose mission is to provide their community with a vibrant and sustainable community farmers market. They give local customers access to healthy local food while supporting local growers. Their main goal is to increase knowledge and understanding of the benefits of bringing fresh local farm products to people for nutritious food. If you are up for a healthy competition join the Tenino Farmers Market Blue Ribbon Pie Contest!

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